Ornamental Plants for your Homes

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It is great to see a plant or two inside your home. It adds to the beauty and elegance of your homes. When the flower is on its blossoming, it given a richly taste of entitlement in your home. You will look like a royalty for having been able to grow a flowering and truly beautiful plant inside your home. It will surely attract not just insects (for which insecticides were created for) but also neighbors and friends who will surely come to adore.

Now hooked in the fantasy of having the best ornamental plant in your home? Worry no more, in this article; you will get to know the best ornamental plant you can have in your home, how to maintain it and how to make sure it continues bringing beautiful flowers.

Miniature Roses

Believe it or not, roses are not just raised by the expert gardeners in wide gardens! There is also variety of roses which you can plant even in pots in your homes. As an ornamental plant, it has been observed that roses grow pretty well as long as they are given the right attention.

Of course, having a beautiful ornamental rose plant requires planting process. Planting a rose is ideal in four to eight inches of pot which contains drainage holes for the water. The best soil type is use is the peat soil because it does not retain water as long as the other types of soil. Your roses may need regular watering but once you observe that its blooming stops, you might consider drying it out a little.

Since it is indoors, you must make sure that a potted plant still requires sunlight. You must, at all costs, make sure that your plant receives at the very least four hours of sunlight a day. Roses require only a moderate amount of sunlight to blossom fully. You must also make sure that dust doesn’t accumulate in your plant. Not only is it not pleasant to the eyes, it can also affect the growth of the plant. You must also keep in mind that just likes most plants, roses have the “inactivity period,” which is the time when the roses “rest” from the flowering and therefore, stop.


This may seem odd for some, but in reality cacti are very suitable for indoor care. Certain species of cactus are ideal indoors and they are one of the easiest plants to care for. You can just leave them there with enough sunlight, water once in a while then they’re okay.

When purchasing your starting cactus or cacti, you might one to choose those that are already flowering because it takes a great deal of time before the phenomenon happens. You should check its four corners, all the sides, to make sure that what you are buying is of high-quality, no traces of rot, not hidden dryness or shiver, et cetera. You should also put them only in a right size of pot to make sure that they will grow well.


You can also check out the other ornamental plants which could also be ideal for your home:

  • Blue Fescue
  • Butterfly Bush
  • Common Lady’s Mantle
  • Columbine
  • Anthurium
  • Indoor Tulips
  • Indoor Lavenders

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Exercises to Lose Weight at Home

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Gyms can sometimes become overcrowded if they already have so many members in it. If you think going to the gym makes you uncomfortable and you’ll just envy other people’s body, there are other ways to keep being fit and healthy. Doing workout inside the gym is fun and you can enjoy it more if you are with your friends.

Some people find their home as their comfort in doing exercises. Because they can focus more on themselves by looking only at themselves unlike in the gym where you can’t resist into looking at someone doing their own exercises and will then lose focus.

There some exercises at home that will help you gain experience in losing fat, if you exercise daily. These are:

Inverted V Pipe

This exercise requires 30 seconds to do. It’s the type of exercise that will have effects on your arms and your lower back.

Leg Lifts

This kind of exercise will take effect on your legs as well as your abs. You’ll feel a burn in your abdomen and in the legs while doing this.

Superman type

This exercise works on your thighs, your lower back and also in your abdomen. This is an effective way of exercise to tone your abdomen.

Jump squats

This type of exercise will help in toning your thighs and a good workout to your body. You will find yourself enjoying this exercise and can have an effective loss in weight if done regularly.

Jump with a Single Leg Lift

This exercise aims at your thigh in the core and back. It also helps in getting you gain more balance. It will be challenging for newbies, but if done regularly, it will be effortless.


This exercise is great in losing fats in the arms. Most men are required to do push-ups. Women can start with push-ups with their knees. This will give an individual arm strength.

Rotating Bent Leg

This exercise works on inner thigh and on your tummy. People can have leg strength by doing this. It’s a challenging and effective exercise for weight loss too.


This is a very easy and enjoyable kind of exercise for gender at any age. Doing jumping rope or taking skipping rope will improve your stamina and good for the heart.

These exercises that can lose weight while doing it at home is so effective and can give individual gain best results in keeping fit and healthy. Someone or anyone should try this, there’s no harm in trying. But first, don’t forget to keep being hydrated by drinking water before doing any kind of exercise so it can help in flushing the toxins out of your body. You need to relax too by taking a break after doing your exercise. And to have an overall health in achieving this, combine your exercise with eating healthy foods that are rich in nutrients. Also have fun doing all these so that you can enjoy being fit and healthy.

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Best Breeds for Families with Kids

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Best Breeds for Families with Kids

We all have heard the phrase ‘a man’s best friend’ as to refer to dogs. As much as this is true, not all dogs are preferable to children. Some dogs are sensitive, some are noisy, and some are just not made to be around children. In this article, you will read about some of the best breeds of dogs that are also good for kids!

But always remember, the key to having the best out of a dog breed is by making them feel loved and, of course, properly raising them to love other dogs and people.


Yep. You read that right. Of course, if you haven’t owned a bulldog before, the first thoughts that would come to your mind are “They are lazy”, “They are too big”, “They are scary” and many more. But actually, bulldogs value companionship, loyalty, empathy, playfulness and protectiveness so much. They are even called “nanny dogs” because they are so good with kids! They are not easy to train, though, so you might need a lot of patience with them.


Beagles are extremely energetic and mostly known in TV’s or movies as dogs who are easy to befriend. This is true! Beagles love children. They are playful, extremely energetic and love exploring. Hunting dogs by nature, Beagles are ready and willing to play with your children and you too. They need to be in a controlled environment, though, because leaving them in the open is not a good thing. Training them is hard too, because they are stubborn and they may not get the concept of training. Again, patience!


If you want another dog that is playful, loyal and intelligent, add Collie to the list of breeds to consider. Collies are very friendly, sensitive, loyal, sensitive and of course beautiful. They are known as people dogs and would love to be with a lot of people and not by themselves. They love long and perfect for anyone, even kids! They are known as very protective breeds for children and awesome at playing fetch and retrieve. They are too sensitive, though, so you better always have time with them. Also, training them might be a pain because they get easily tired by repetitive routine training’s.

Labrador Retriever

Of course, who would forget to add the Labrador Retriever as a perfect pet for you and your family? A Labrador Retriever is good-natured, energetic, lovable, and very easy to train. They are perfect for playing ball, Frisbee, and swimming since their fur are made to repel water. They are good with any members of the family, even babies and children going to school. They are not good guard dogs, though, but they are protective. But, since they are very active, like the Collies, Labradors should be owned by families who loves to move and very heavy on exercising.

Golden Retriever

Like the Labrador Retriever, a Golden Retriever are good for kids too. They are sweet, calm and pleasing in nature. They would anything to please their owners and kids too. Easily trainable, they are perfect family dogs. They thrive fun and would love to run around with children. But they are pretty big dogs so better be careful or they might knock a child by accident if not properly supervised.

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Reasons to Visit Greece

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Why Greece? Why not. Towering architectures, unending epic stories and home of the brilliant minds in your history books.

Why don’t we break it to manageable pieces and see how we make our journey to Greece a history in the making.

Colossal Masterpieces

greece-acro-pictureAthens is the spot for your ancient architectural wonders. For the serious worshiper during the Mycenae time, the Acropolis of Athens is your passport to heaven. The Acropolis (akros + polis) or topmost of the city, is known as your “Sacred Rock” whose foundations were made by limestone and marble on its columns served as the host of many temples and tombs of kings, heroes as well as gods to Athens.

Great Food Choices

Dining destinations in Greece will get that belly of yours bloated. Meat dishes such as Giouvetsi and Gyros are so popular that you’d wish you live next door. Greek salad is very popular. They are known for their different kinds of cheese too. Feta, a kind of cheese from goat milk and the yellowish-colored Graviera that has a mild, sweet taste is made from sheep’s milk.

A Place to Cool Down

Nothing is more relaxing under the shade of palm tree, with soft, gentle breeze from the coast. As for you all beach lovers, a breathtaking experience awaits in Greece’s coastlines such as the famous Myrtos Beach ready for basking from sunrise to sunset.

Outdoor Activities

Sea, sun and sky will be your companion as you enjoy your outdoor adventures. Greece has long stretch of shoreline to keep you active either on sand or on the beach. You can do surfing, scuba diving and also biking. Greece also has its own rivers for the best rafting experience. Gather up and get ready for a serious action-packed adventure of a lifetime.

Picture Perfect

Take a pose and never worry at your back. Greece is swarmed by beautiful scenes and artistically designed structures that completes your moment. Get your gear on and make sure to bring along your camera and back-up battery to get things done in a flash.

Transportation is Never an Issue

Greece is accessible to any means of transport because of its location. You have lots of options if you decide to visit Greece. Some hotels are just located near the airport, bus stations, famous historical spots, beaches and shopping malls.

Climate is Just Right

A perfect getaway for your vacation because of its pleasant weather. Get the best experience by giving yourself more time to explore, get to see the most interesting place because of the perfect climate in Greece. You can take control of your time because you’ll know that while you stay, your day will never be compromise.

Party! Party!Party!

Jam and dance all night long. We know Greeks are hard workers but they party even harder. In Athens, big concert halls called bouzoukia (boo-zoo-kia) cater events that features local talents and famous artists to perform. Be sure to bring the gang and have fun.


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Best Orchids for your Home

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ocrhidsOrchids are one of the most famous and loved flowers all over the world. With this fact, take a look at the 5 best orchids for you, your garden and your entire home.



Dancing Lady Orchids

Otherwise known as the oncidium orchids, dancing lady orchids come in a cluster of many small and definitely beautiful flowers ranging from 50 or more. Dancing lady orchids are often found in colors of yellow, red, pink, orange, white, purple, often with flamboyant, and sometimes contrasting accents. Most of the dancing lady orchids have innate fragrances which are truly wonderful and captivating which makes them very appropriate for your gardens.

Dancing Lady Orchids aren’t really hard to care for and maintain because they need watering only once a week and only monthly spraying of orchid fertilizer every spring or summer. They are the best in medium to bright lights which is appropriate if you would want to grow them outdoors. Most often, they do best in 50 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit making those still best if you want to keep them a little indoors.

Lady’s Slipper Orchids

Lady’s slipper orchids are perhaps one of the best and most beautiful types of orchids. They are very distinct because of their big blooms with a pouch-backed sepal and two petals. Even when it’s not flowering, a lady slipper orchid has its beauty and charm even when it’s not flowering because the orchid bears variegated foliage.

Like other orchids, the Lady’s slipper orchids don’t require much of your attention. As long as you water it thoroughly once a week and give it a spray of orchid fertilizer every month, then you’re good to go. This type of orchid adapts easily in all environments in low, medium or even bright sun lights. You must take note that there are “lucky” varieties of this type of orchid because some produce clustered flowers per stem. These “lucky” varieties of Lady’s Slipper will surely give you a bigger and better display of flowers, which will stand for a longer period of time.


Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium orchid is the type of orchid that florists usually arrange in bouquets because they are available in a variety of colors which includes white, pink, red, purple, orange and even green. Flowers of most dendrobium orchids last for even more than a month making them valuable for florists and even gardeners. The dendrobium looks pretty well and also offers a captivating fragrance making it very suitable for your homes.

Dendrobium orchids are a little picky for their spots because they prefer to stay only under medium to bright lights. On the lighter side, watering them isn’t really a burden because you can water them once every other week but you must see to it that you give it plant food that is built specifically for orchids at least twice a month.


Moth Orchids

Moth Orchids are one of the cheapest and affordable types of orchids. Despite its cheap price, the flower of a moth-orchid blooms for a long time and a bloom spike can even last for four months, if you’re lucky even more. The flowers of moth orchids are available in different colors including white, purple, orange, red, yellow, green and pink.

Moth orchids are not picky in terms of area of growth. Like most orchids, watering them isn’t such a burden because you can do it once every two weeks. To maximize the duration and size of the blooms, you can feed your moth orchids with orchid-formulated plant fertilizer. Another fun fact about Moth orchids is that a sudden change or drop in the hotness or coldness of the location encourages them to bloom.


Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium orchids are really popular during the winter or early spring because this is the time where they really bloom and show off their magnificent flowers. They are ideal for outdoors because they love a spot in the scorching heat of the sun. Because they love bright light, it is recommended to water them at least twice a week to keep them from being dehydrated. Ironically, cymbidium orchids are best during the winter season because that’s the time they usually bloom.




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DIY Wedding Invitations

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A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. Planning a wedding is a challenging thing to do. You have to leaf through bridal, lifestyle, fashion, gardening, design, and food magazines for inspiration, work out your budget, determine how much you have to spend, pick your wedding party, start the guest list, make a head count to use throughout your planning process, hire a planner, if desired, a planner will have relationships with—and insights about—vendors, reserve your date and venues, etc.

Nevertheless, with weddings so expensive these days, there are many who are choosing to prepare certain things on their own; perhaps this is the reason that Do-It-Yourself (DIY) things became popular. There are DIY veils, cakes, give-aways, decors, and even invitations. If you want to make your own wedding invitations, but aren’t sure what’s involved or where to begin, here are tips:

  1. Paper & Envelopes. Cards and envelopes are perfect for invitations; there are colors meant to complement each other.
  2. How much paper to order. It is recommended to just order 20-25% above the final amount that you need so you have plenty of extra material for practice and in case of mistakes. For example, if you need to make 100    wedding invitations, order 125 flat cards and 120 envelopes.
  3. Designing Invitations. The layout of your text is important in defining the style of your invitation. Think about whether you want to incorporate artwork or decorative icons either printed or through rubber stamps, or if your          invitation will feature only text. Also consider how formal or traditional your event will be, which might guide          your design decisions. Finally, figure out your invitation wording by looking at wedding invitation samples and searching online.
  4. Tools You Might Need. Making DIY invitations is much easier when you have the right tools at your disposal.
  5. Paper Cutter. If you plan to cut custom card sizes or make your own sashes, a paper cutter is a great tool.
  6. Scissors. Obviously, they’re for cutting.
  7. Ruler. A ruler is great to have on hand for lining up layers and achieving consistency with placement
  8. Bone Folder. Even if you’ve never used a bone folder before, consider it for making invitations. A bone folder is ideal for making creases for easy and clean folds in cover weight paper and for smoothing layers                  that you’ve adhered together.

You’ll find print templates wedding invitation, response cards, save the dates over the internet. Hence, you can     use a regular printer in printing your invites.

These are basically the things you need to prepare as you create your Do it yourself wedding invitations. You can do some more things to make your invites more appealing and amazing. With all these things done, your DIY invites are ready to be mailed.

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Santa Gifts for Your Sweetheart

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santa-giftsAre you someone who hangs stockings in the window? Or are you the one who really likes to prepare gifts? The Christmas season is approaching once again. It is now time to visit the nearest store and find out what would be the best to give to your boyfriend, husband or fiancé. However, do you want to make it the most memorable gift you have ever given? Do you battle between homemade or those displayed at the store? Well, surely you like to give something he or she will really treasure.

Here are some Santa gifts ideas that will help you in starting your homemade Christmas gifts this year. I hope it will help you in deciding what to give to your sweetheart.

Personalized Couple Mug

Of course, it is one for you and for your partner. A personalized couple mug is one of the most cheapest but remarkable gift to give during Christmas. In preparing it, you only need two things: Sharpie markers and a mug. The mugs are cleaned thoroughly. After this process, you will get to choose the favorite color of the Sharpie marker that you want to use then you are ready to design your mugs. After all the designs are done, it is necessary that you put your finished materials in an oven and baked it at about 350 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. The baking was done to ensure that the designs in the mug will be retained even with constant washing. This gift can also be used every day during your coffee or hot chocolate break time.

Book and a Bookmark

If your girlfriend really likes to read, this is THE BEST GIFT EVER for her. Giving books never become old-fashioned and as Alec Baldwin said “Books make great gifts because you don’t have to plug them in.” It also allows a person to travel from different directions such as adventure, history and science. It is affordable and we could learn a lot of insight from it. There are various books that are really recommended as gifts according to Liesl Schillinger of the New York Times: 1) Penguin Christmas Classics, 2) No Lands’s Man and 3) Becoming Richard Pryor. Personally I recommend the books authored by Paulo Coelho, they are really self-instructive and motivating.

Moreover, for bookmarks, there are thousands of ideas. Having problems with easily removed bookmarks? Well, there are those bookmarks that use clips so the pages of books are secured. You can also give page corners bookmark or those journal wraps. They are easy to do and you can also personalize it.


The easiest to prepare mango-graham cake recipe in a jar. It is a no-baked cake so it is easy to make. Even children can make it for their parents. You only need the following ingredients: 2 packs of Graham crackers, 5 pieces of mangoes (sliced), All-purpose cream, condensed milk and crushed graham cracker as toppings. In the jar, put the crackers at the bottom; fill the spaces or gaps with crushed crackers. Pour the milk mixture on top of the graham crackers. Top the layers with the slices of mango. Repeat the procedure until you get the desired number of layers. Then, refrigerate it overnight before serving.



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