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Make your party a blast and hire a photo booth

Photo boots are becoming increasing popular at all types of events. Here’s why your party needs a photo booth.

Photo booth rentals turn guests of all ages into silly kids. People love watching friends and family let loose and make memories. Planning a party for your employees or customers? A photo booth will surprise and delight your guests. No need for a selfie stick at your party when you have the photo booth.

Renting a photo booth has become a trend as it adds a unique class to your event – check out Elegant Hire for prices. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, bar mitzvah, or anniversary a photo booth rental will certainly bring fun and smiles to your party.

Photo Booths Are Fun

When your event has a photo booth, an easy, interactive attraction is ready for your guests when they have just a moment for some fun or want to make a run at setting a record with unlimited sessions. A photo booth can be enjoyed by people of both children and adults, which means everyone at your party can get in on the fun.

Photo Booths Are A Conversation Starter

As an entertainment option or as a main attraction, a photo booth is always a simple conversation starter. Photo booths often become the center piece of a party or event and will keep attendees busy, engaged, and certainly raving about how much fun they had at your event or party long after it’s over. Many of your guests may not know each other, but having a photo booth will act as a conversation starter.

Make It Personal

Guests are able to customize the photos to provide your event with a personal touch. A photo booth offers many prop variety for your guests to pose with. Your guests get instant gratification as they get a picture print out immediately. You can add posters to the outside of the booth, add a background inside the booth, and add pictures, logos or wording to the border of the photos.

You can surely provide your own props and costumes if that is what you prefer to do, especially if they’re appropriate for the event theme. Props and costumes that are usually supplied with the booth rental include items such as glasses, masks, wigs, hats, necklaces, plastic weapons, and much more.

Guests Have Something To Remember

Your guests go home with an awesome picture to remember your event by. Photo booths capture and print memories of an event. Your guests will have a souvenir that they will most certainly want to share with others on social media outlets including Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. The pictures can also be used to create a guest book, which is a great way of remembering the event.


There are several companies available in the market that provide photo booth rental services, but before you hire anyone, be sure to check what kind of options they offer. If you are not getting any idea about which photo booth you should rent, then it is always a good idea to ask the company to provide you a portfolio of their recent events. Checking out a vendor’s portfolio or pictures of recent events is a great way to find out what kind of photo booth can amplify the event.


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