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Common Forms Of Plastic Surgery And Benefits

Plastic surgery is a branch of surgery that aims to provide cosmetic care for patients who desire to restore their appearance following a disease or injury, and for patients who want to correct an existing issue with their appearance. In addition, plastic surgery can help patients who are suffering from issues that affect such things as their ability to breath or pain management issues. Plastic surgery can also assist persons with the process changing their gender through surgical intervention.

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery offered by plastic surgery Austin clinics. This is a form of surgery designed to correct problems caused by injury, surgery, or disease. It also covers issues as the result of birth defects. Reconstructive surgery can be used to help rebuilt features, remove scars and lesions, and fill in areas that have been removed or damaged.

Reconstructive surgery also covers micro-reconstructive surgery. This form of surgery repairs damage done to individual blood cells and nerves. It can aid in relieving pain, increasing function, or providing feeling to an area. Micro-reconstructive surgery is often performed with other forms of surgery such as general surgery or reconstructive surgery.

Nasal Reconstruction

Nasal reconstruction is a form of surgery that deals with issues related to the function and appearance of the nose and sinuses. Nasal reconstruction can be performed following an injury with a broken nose being the most common cause of nasal reconstruction. Nasal reconstruction can cover procedures that completely rebuild a nose that has been removed by disease or injury. It can also simply fix small cosmetic issues.

Nasal reconstruction also covers that process of repairing the nose to allow the easy passage of air through the nose. This can help patients who cannot breathe through one or both of their nostrils. It can also help those who have make noise when they breathe through their nose, are prone to sinus infections, or find breathing through their nose uncomfortable.

Breast Reconstruction and Augmentation

Breast reconstruction and augmentation attempts to repair cosmetic or structural defects with the breasts. It can take the form of repairing breasts so they have a better appearance. It can also help persons who are suffering from pain or discomfort as the result of their breasts causing back pain.

Breast augmentation can also help persons following a mastectomy. This can help persons achieve their original appearance following the procedure. Breast reconstruction can help persons walk and achieve proper balance as the result of having one of their breasts removed. This procedure can involve building an entirely new breast, or augmenting both breasts so they are the same size and shape.

Scar Correction

Scar correction is the process of removing or reducing the appearance of scars. This form of plastic surgery is common following surgery with a plastic surgeon often consulting with the surgeons and patients before a procedure.

Scar correction can help with the pain and discomfort following a surgery or accident. Scar correction is often used as part of psychologically recovering from an illness or injury.

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