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Our Favorite Recipes for a Bread Machine

Ways To Search For Bread Machine Recipes

One of the easiest ways to find the best bread machine recipes is to look online. You can find everything from recipes for holidays to those that can be used to make breads for a family breakfast. When you use a bread machine, you have to keep in mind that there is a paddle that will knead the dough before it’s baked. This is what makes the machine ideal for any kitchen, especially if you want a hearty loaf of bread. Finally, if your bread machine is getting a little old and/or you are looking for an upgrade, make sure to check out some bread machine reviews to help you pick the right one. Anyways, let’s move on onto the recipes.

Sourdough Pizza Crust

This is a recipe that is ideal for those who enjoy making their own pizza crust. You can often adjust the setting of the machine to make the crust as dark or light as you want. The sourdough is a recipe that can offer a bit of a unique note, but with the right toppings, the crust is one that is light and full of flavor. You’ll want to use a sourdough starter and unbleached flour with this recipe to get the best results.

Rye Bread

Instead of the plain white bread for sandwiches, you can make rye bread that has a little more texture and substance. With lukewarm water, pickle juice, sugar and salt added to the dough, you’ll have a loaf of bread that has just the right crunch for sandwiches that are piled high with meats that include pastrami or corned beef. An added benefit of a rye bread is that it doesn’t crumble as much as other varieties.

Lemon Sugar Cookie Buns

These are light and airy cookies that are similar to a cinnamon bun. Each one has its own shape as they are baked to a delicious texture with the ultimate lemon flavor. The cookie starts with a vanilla yeast dough. Three tablespoons of soft butter will give the delectable consistency and flavor that the cookies are known for having. You’ll also use about two tablespoons of milk and two tablespoons of lemon juice or zest. When the cookies are done baking, you can add sugar on top of each one for a shimmering treat.

Peach Cobbler

This isn’t the typical cobbler that you might think about making in an oven. You’ll program your machine to bake for about 70 minutes. Prepare a peach cobbler filling for the bread. The cobbler is made with a traditional biscuit dough that will include the peach filling before it’s baked. Once the bread and filling are baked, remove it from the machine to top with powdered sugar or other treats that you would normally enjoy with a cobbler.

Red Hot Cinnamon Bread

Although the bread is hot when it comes out of the machine, this bread includes a spicy treat. When you prepare the bread dough, you’ll add red cinnamon candies. These will melt as the bread bakes, giving a beautiful swirl to the bread and a kick that will leave a fun feeling in the mouth.

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