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What The Heck Is A BBCOR Bat?

To put simply, a BBCOR bat is a fairly newly-introduced type of bat that has been in sanctioned game play for the past three seasons. To go into more technical aspects, the acronym BBCOR stands for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution. It is a standard that regulates exactly how much energy the ball loses upon making contact with the bat. The higher the BBCOR rating, the more bounce the ball has off of the bat. Two of the biggest governing bodies in non-professional baseball, the National Federation of State High School Associations and the National Collegiate Athletic Association, have determined that 0.50 is the highest rating that a bbcor bat certified may have. This is roughly the same as a traditional wooden bat. The bats may have the diameter of the barrel no more than 2 5/8″, the ratio of the length of the bat to the weight of the bat can be no more than -3, and the bats cannot be longer than 36″.

Why Was This Certification Invented?

Statistical experts found that the offensive performance of the players in these leagues was increasing at a rapid rate. With the ball leaving the bat at such a high speed, the safety of the pitcher was also called into question by other experts. By adhering to the BBCOR standards, the speed of the ball is reduced by an average of 5%. Bats that are manufactured from composite materials must also adhere to an additional standard of passing an ABI test to ensure that the peak performance of the bat is still within the boundaries of the BBCOR standards.

Do All College & High School Players Have To Use A BBCOR Bat?

If the team plays in a league under the jurisdiction of either the National Federation of State High School Associations and the National Collegiate Athletic Association, then the players will be required to use a BBCOR-certified bat. Such certified bats will have a black and white stamp on it stating its certification. Wooden bats that are formed from one piece of wood are not required to carry the certification as they are naturally within the BBCOR standards due to their manufacturing makeup. The best way to determine if the league requires the use OF a BBCOR certified bat is to visit their individual website and read their guidelines regarding baseball bats.

Remember, with the increasing knowledge the general public is learning about the dangers of concussions, it is pertinent that all safety and equipment guidelines are followed to a “T”. While competition is healthy, avoidable injuries are certainly not. There is no reason to endanger the health of viable young players by not following the rules set forth by some of the sport’s biggest governing bodies. The young are counting on it.

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