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How to make the best collage paper easily and quickly

If you are entering a collage competition, or even just looking to improve your collage skills, you will probably want to know how to make the best collage paper. Not just any collage paper, of course, but also one that you can create easily and quickly.

But what exactly is a collage?
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Follow these quick steps, and you should be able to make a beautiful collage paper while not spending any more money than you can afford on it.


Decide on your image and color scheme — Whether you are going to make a collage of an animal, a person, a piece of artwork or something that is just abstract, you will want to be sure you have decided on your image and the color scheme before you start shopping for collage paper.


Make notes and decide on the types of paper you want, as well as how much you will want of each before setting off to buy it.


Mark out your design on grid paper — The best collage artists use a grid to mark out their work before they even start creating it.


Doing this allows you to see if the design you have in mind will actually work, as well as if it will be easy to create.


When placing your collage paper on grid paper, you can also see much easier if you are using the space available in a good way or if your design needs to be reassessed.


Draw a grid on your canvas — Once you have decided that your design is going to work well, it is now time to sketch out the design onto a grid on your canvas.


This will allow you to put the same pieces that are currently on the grid paper onto the canvas, so you can be sure they are identically placed according to what you had planned on your grid paper.


Prepare your paper — Next you need to be sure you prepare all the paper you will need correctly. Whether that is by cutting it for more precise lines or ripping it into the shapes you want for more rough ones.


Once all your paper is prepared, you are ready to start applying glue to your canvas.


Glue your canvas — Apply a layer of glue to your entire canvas and then begin to apply the base pieces to it.


Start to place the pieces of your finished design onto the glue, firmly pressing them down so they do not fall off.


You may find, as you continue with your collage paper, the glue begins to dry. That is why you may need to reapply it in spots as you go.


Once all your collage paper has been placed onto the collage itself, make sure you have enough glue on all of it so that none of the paper pieces fall off.


Finally, once the glue has dried, apply a layer of varnish or lacquer over your finished piece. This will protect it from dust, dirt and damage.

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