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Plastic Surgery Changes More Than Your Looks

There isn’t much plastic surgery can’t change and that includes mental or emotional health. With the miracle of plastic surgery, you don’t have to live with what nature gave you or scars from accident or illness. It’s a proven fact when you’re looking your best and know it, the confidence boost that gives a person shows in everything they do.

Imagine the Possibilities

Reconstructive surgery is a large field and there are far too many possibilities to be mentioned here so only a few of the most common will be covered in the following list. All services are confidential of course so remember, if you’re thinking of plastic surgery no one needs to know unless you tell them or are seen in public with obvious changes by people that knew you before your transformation.

  • Nasal Reconstruction – Whether breathing through your nose is difficult due to injury or genetics it doesn’t have to stay that way, or maybe you feel that your nose doesn’t match your face. Talk to a qualified surgeon and see how easy it is to have a beautiful, fully functional nose.
  • Laser Technology – This procedure enables your surgeon to treat a multitude of skin conditions with very little (if any) scarring. Say goodbye to fine wrinkles, spider veins, freckles, vascular birthmarks and unwanted tattoos.
  • Scar Removal – Trauma or surgery often leaves scars behind to remind us of things we’d rather forget. It is possible to erase a scar as if it were never there. Without constant visible reminders of how the scarring occurred in the first place putting bad memories behind you is much easier to do.
  • Breast Enlargement or Reduction – Uneven breast sizes are more common than you’d think and make buying bras that fit very difficult. Also, women with overly large breasts often suffer from back and shoulder pain. After corrective surgery finding a bra that fits is no longer a problem and once excess tissue has been removed from overly large breasts the pain goes with it.
  • Liposuction – Stubborn, fatty bulges that refuse to shrink no matter how much you diet or exercise can all be made perfect and smoothly contoured with this procedure.
  • Mastectomy Reconstruction – Breast tissue lost due to cancer can have a huge, negative impact on the survivor. Breast prosthesis made from the patient’s own tissue is one popular option and if that doesn’t fit the situation there are several other ways to correct it. Your surgeon will explain all the different options and help you decide on the best one for you.
  • Gender Reassignment – Gender dysphoria can be a waking nightmare for those who suffer from it. This procedure offers relief from emotional pain, enabling the patient to live a richer, fuller life.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Before any modification, enhancement, or corrective procedures are performed the plastic surgeon NYC will discuss the procedure and what your expectations of the outcome are. Even when surgery is a positive, life-changing event, you still need to be mentally prepared for such abrupt changes. Being prepared is very important when you go for the kind of surgery than can rebuild you from the ground up.

Inpatient or outpatient, plastic surgery offers the chance to look in your mirror and smile. Know what to expect and be ready for it. Whether it’s a birth defect you’d like to erase, or reconstructive surgery after an accident help is out there, all you need to do is make the call.

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