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What are the main differences between AR10 vs AR15 rifles?

While the AR10 and AR15 rifles have many similarities, it is the differences you will want to consider when you decide on the one you are going to buy.


After all, while both are excellent rifles, if you choose the wrong one for your specific needs, you could end up disappointed in its performance.


The weight of the AR10 versus the AR15 — The weight of the rifle they choose is usually important to most gun owners. A heavier rifle can be more difficult to shoot, and it can be a burden for a teenager, a woman or a man who is not particularly physically able.


This is why, if weight is an issue, most rifle buyers go for the AR15. That rifle tends to be between one and two pounds lighter than the AR10. A substantial difference in weight when you are hunting.

There are some awesome video showcasing the AR15 in action:


The size of each rifle — Depending on the use of the rifle, the size can be a detriment.


If you are looking for a good weapon for tactical exercises, for instance, then the AR15 is the better choice. That rifle is at least two inches shorter than the AR10, which can make a big difference in a tactical situation.


Bullets per minute — If you want to have a rifle with the fastest shooting capacity, the AR15 can fire more bullets per minute than can the AR10.


The main difference, however, is that while the AR15 fires more bullets, the bullets the AR10 fires have much more stopping power. This could be vitally important when hunting and in the line of sight of a charging animal. To find out more on this topic – visit: https://adventurefootstep.com/ar-10-vs-ar-15/


The best use for each rifle — While both rifles can be used in any situation, each one still has its best uses.


The AR10 tends to be the best choice if you will be engaging in big game hunting, due to its stopping power. It is also an excellent weapon if you will be shooting from a long distance, as its accuracy at longer distances is superb.


The AR15 is a better choice if you need something that is accurate at short distances, and will be used for hunting smaller game. The AR15 is also useful for home security.


The prices of an AR10 versus an AR15 — While both rifles are affordable, especially for the quality of the rifle you get, the AR15 is usually the cheaper choice.


This often boils down to the simple fact that more of them are manufactured than the AR10, and so they are more readily available.


Remember too, if you will need to buy replacement parts for either rifle, choosing the AR15 is usually the better choice. That is due to it being far easier to find any replacement part for that rifle than it is to find similar replacement parts for the AR10.

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